Sunday, February 9, 2014

Give Hope......ADOPT!!!!

Who out there is considering adoption?  How long have you been thinking about doing it? Are you ready to take a leap of FAITH, step out of the boat and do what God has called you to do? Or maybe it was a childhood dream to adopt or it has been a desire of your heart for some time?  We are in the process of adopting a special needs child from Eastern Europe. Maybe you would ask me....why from a different country? My answer would be this: God called me to adopt, from the young age of 10 yrs old and no, I didn't think it would be Eastern Europe. I thought that I would be called to adopt a child from Africa, as  I use to watch "Feed The Children" with my grandmother all the time, and saw how starved the children were, and the conditions they lived in and my heart was burdened for them at such a young age.  I , of course , didn't realize God had a plan for my life, until many years later.... What I found out was that many are called, but few " answer THE CALL" ....God chose my husband and myself  to adopt and we are extremely excited about getting our precious child from Eastern Europe! 
The adoption process is no easy task to say the least, as I have found out through many friends. Yes, we all will have many ups and downs during the process, but there is a lot of support for each and everyone of you, that are considering adoption. You and I are not alone and it will be worth everything you dreamt or thought it would be. Our child is waiting patiently for us and we are her only voice. She cannot speak for herself and cannot pay to get herself out of the orphanage. We are doing everything we know to do, to get her home, where she will get the proper care that she needs, but most of all the "LOVE" that she so deserves!  If you feel lead in your heart to donate and sow seed into our lives and the life of our child, you may do so here. 
God Bless You,

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  1. TY for your heartfelt testimony of faith in God's call to adopt your daughter Jenni. Your honesty about the process gives others an understanding of the commitment needed to follow God's leading to adopt your child from wherever and whatever the cost financial, emotionally, and spiritually. You have shared the costs but more importantly the rewards of receiving God's special little girl into your family. She will be blessed and and bring untold blessings to you, Dale, and your boys. As a prayer and financial friend I feel your excitement and can only say how happy I am to be part of Jenni's extended family. I am truly blessed. I ask other to partner with you prayerfully and financially so they too will experience the joy of bringing Jenni to her family.